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Acoustic/Shock Wave & EMTT Technologies & Products


Experience clinically proven, non-invasive modalities trusted by medical professionals around the world for both regenerative and musculoskeletal applications. Known as one of the fastest pain management and accelerated healing treatments, shock wave therapy is the go-to modality of choice in Europe for most MSK and orthopedic conditions.

Shock wave research on the rise

By utilizing high intensity sound waves through a medium (specialized transmitters for different depths and focal areas), the body's healing processes are activated at their most optimal level with increased local microcirculation and blood flow, activation of substance P, cell proliferation, and fibrotic/scar tissue are disrupted for faster remodeling of dysfunctional tissue. Both chronic and subacute conditions see amazing benefits from this technology and it happens FAST!

Kinas Medical Technologies is partnered with the best manufacturer, STORZ MEDICAL, to provide the United States with the same quality and consistency of technology already trusted worldwide. With over 30 years of industry expertise, Kinas Medical goes a step further than the average technology provider to give you a well-rounded and interactive educational experience for optimal success when you bring a shockwave device into your office. Working with The Academy of Shockwave Excellence, Kinas Medical pairs cutting-edge technology, unmatched marketing and service support, and a hands-on training opportunity with the best minds in shockwave technology around the world.

Radial Shockwave Products

Radial Products

Focused Shockwave & EMTT


Focused shockwave and Magnetolith

The acoustic/shock wave & EMTT community is consistently delivering new information from the leading experts in their fields. From trigger points and fascia to wound healing and aesthetics, the Level 10 books have the research, applications, and studies that propel the medical community forward.

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We encourage you to educate yourself on the latest research associated with the clinical applications of shockwave therapy. Knowledge promotes confidence in the technology, and that is necessary for successful implementation. These are only some of our most recent selections. For more from our full research catalog, fill out the form below.

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Experience the Kinas Difference

Benefit from 30 years of shock wave technology expertise with superior support from a family-owned and operated company.


Clinically Proven Technology

  • Decreases recovery time, reduces pain –  improves results
  • Treats medical and aesthetic conditions
  • Works for doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and more
  • Offers a non-invasive, less expensive alternative to surgery

Partnership Beyond the Sale

  • Delivers long-term partnership and support
  • Focuses on individualized attention
  • Offers timely service
  • Provides technology to enable new revenue stream opportunities
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Unrivaled Expertise

  • Delivers in-depth application training
  • Provides up-to date information about industry evolution
  • Shares knowledge from 30 years of experience
  • Differentiates you as a future-focused business